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About Us

El-Shaddai Chartable Trust is a registered organisation, located in Sirsi, Karnataka, focuses on empowering children with developmental challenges, enabling them to lead meaningful lives irrespective of their religious background, social economic status, and other factors.

Our Mission

Our Mission

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Ongoing Projects 2024

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Candle Making

El-Shaddai Charitable Trust has equipped me with the skill of candle making, empowering me to earn a livelihood. Presently, I craft and sell candles within my neighborhood, and my work is met with appreciation, bringing joy to those who purchase them. Through my newfound skills, I am contributing in my own way to instigate positive changes in society. I express my heartfelt gratitude to every individual at El-Shaddai who has brought joy, meaning, and happiness back into my life. Special thanks go to Rodney and Orville Pinto for their donation of candle-making machines.

Kartik Nagesh Naik

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Incense Sticks

We are glad to announce our new upcoming project of incense Sticks (Agarbatti) making. This project will enable less privileged children to learn and help their own self as well as contribute their best to the society.

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Message from Secretary.

In this era of hybrid living, parents exert considerable effort to safeguard their families, grappling with a demanding work schedule that leaves them fatigued throughout the day. While a typical child comfortably navigates through school, tuition, and recreational activities, a special child often misses out on such experiences, particularly the essential time for engagement, learning, and play to acquire knowledge.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust stands as a home-based educational training institute, providing a nurturing environment where special children can utilize their time effectively through play, learning, and triumphs, ultimately fostering self-sufficiency. It serves as a haven where these unique individuals can learn and contribute, albeit in their own small but meaningful ways, to the betterment of society.

Humbly Yours
Jerome B. Dsouza


Honorary & Achievement

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Award received by Innerwheel Club.

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