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Who We Are?

El-Shaddai Charitable Trust is a Registered Organization, which participate in the empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities, regardless of their degree of disability or socio-economic status.

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Ongoing Project

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Candle Making

El-Shaddai Charitable Trust enabled and empowered me with Candle making skills. Today, I make them and sell them around my neighborhood and make my living. Everyone around appreciates my work, and they buy my candles with great joy. I am contributing, with whatever skills I have, to create a little change in society. I am much thankful to every single person in El-Shaddai to bring in joy, meaning and happiness, in my life again. I thank Rodney and Orville Pinto for donating candle making machines. Kartik Nagesh Naik

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Incense Sticks

We are glad to announce our new upcoming project of incense Sticks (Agarbatti) making. This project will enable less privileged children to learn and help their own self as well as contribute their best to the society.

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Message from Secretary.

In this hybrid world, parents work hard to protect their families, a schedule full of work pressure keeping them tired all day. A normal child makes himself comfortable by going to school, and Tuition, playing all around, making use of precious time in learning and playing. But a special child lacks such activities, especially a time needed to pass, learn and play and acquire knowledge,
El Shaddai Charitable Trust is a home based education training institute, with a beautiful ambient, where a child can experience and use precious time by playing, learning and winning to become self-sufficient successfully.
A Place where a special child can learn and contribute all it has learned, in the little way it can, to the society.

Humbly Yours

Jerome B. Dsouza


A Voluntary work from Forestry Department of Sirsi was conducted for El-Shaddai. In this workshop our special children learned the importance of forest, growing trees, conserving nature etc. They conducted playtime activities and a made a small trip to Shalmala rock garden, Sirsi. Our Children were overwhelmed and happy. We are thankful to the students of Forestry Department of Sirsi, who invested a day of time to make these little special children feel valued. We all were moved to tears.


Honorary & Achievement

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Award received by Innerwheel Club.

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